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Pre Construction

We work with some of the leading builders around Albury and surrounds to provide physical and chemical barriers to the foundations of both homes and businesses.

There is no job too great or small for us at PPC we understand the importance of protecting your investment from termites weather it is a small extension, to a full house or commercial project.

We offer physical termite barriers, chemical barriers and the option to pump up existing reticulation systems.

Physical Termite Barrier

A physical termite barrier is installed as a termite barrier underneath or around the perimeter of the concrete slab and pipe penetrations. This option provides long-term protection and does not need additional top up chemicals.

Chemical Barrier

A chemical barrier involves the application of a liquid chemical barrier to the soil, either under the concrete slab via the use of drill holes or around the perimeter of the existing buildings foundations. The chemicals we have chosen to use have a very high Log KoC value, which is a measure of how tightly it binds to the soil, no other chemical binds more tightly to the soil than this termiticide. After application, the water evaporates and your building is left with a long lasting protection zone.

For more information see pest control Albury.

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