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Termite Warranty

It is estimated that 1 in 4 homes will be affected by termite damage, often not covered by home insurance. Any work done by PPC is fully insured and warranted on our 12 month ongoing warranty plan.

This means that for any termite treatment (pre construction or post construction) you have had on your home with PPC we will warrant that work ongoing for 7 years, providing you have annual termite inspections every year.

General Pest Treatment Warranty

After a General Pest Treatment with PPC you will see insect activity post service, you may even see an increase in webs post service. This is normal and an indication of an effective treatment.

All pest activity should cease after 7-14 days, if you are experiencing pest activity after this time or any time in the next 3 months you are covered by our post service 3 month warranty. This means you are entitled to a free call back any time within the 3 months post service. Our technician will assess the area/s you have found activity and retreat accordingly.

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