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Cockroach Control

There are three main types of cockroach found in Australia, these are the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach and American cockroach.

To effectively treat cockroaches our technician will inspect the area and determine the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs. The treatment options include; residual, dusting and fumigation. As part of your treatment plan, your home/business may require 2 or more visits, the time between these visits will vary depending on the breeding conditions.

For maximum efficiency, you must read our before and after service instructions thoroughly, these instructions will be emailed to you prior to the treatment.

German Cockroach

cockroach_control_AlburyAre generally light brown or tan in color and are between 13-16mm in size. German cockroaches are predominantly found inside around food preparation areas and bathrooms (they are attracted to moisture). German cockroaches are capable of feeding on almost anything from soap to cardboard.

In the right conditions (moist with available food) they are known for their ability to reproduce quickly. The signs that indicate German cockroach infestation include; droppings, small dark spotty material left on surfaces; odour, in high infestations they secrete a musty odour; and empty egg cases.

German cockroach activity is predominantly under the cover of night and they breed out of site such as, behind fridges, dishwashers or ovens. In high numbers, they will breed inside appliances. If you see one German Cockroach it is generally a sign of more and the longer you leave it before calling PPC they harder the infestation is to treat.

German cockroaches transmit various pathogens including E-coli, cholera, Salmonella and Typhus.

To effectively treat a German cockroach infestation your home or business will generally require two treatments within 20-30 days apart depending on the conditions in which they are breeding. Treatments may need to be closer together.

Oriental Cockroach

cockroaches_AlburyShiny black to dark red in color ranging from 25mm-32mm and not capable of flight. They are generally found externally in the garden or garbage bin but try to migrate indoors during the warmer months. Like the German cockroach they are attracted to moist areas and are very dependent on water for survival.

They are carriers of harmful pathogens,

Treatment as above.

American Cockroach (Waterbug)

cockroach_control_AlburyLargest of the three growing to 3 inches in length, they are reddish brown in color with a yellow outline appearance. Can fly.

Like the above species they prefer warm damp areas and prefer to live outdoors unless seeking food when you will find them inside.

They are carriers of harmful pathogens and must be treated effectively.

Please contact PPC for a quick quote. If you are considering or have booked a treatment please download our before and after instruction’s here.

For more information see pest control Albury.

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