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Ant Treatment

Black House Ant

Predominantly black and are 2-3mm long. Their nests are small and mound-like more commonly seen in footpaths, wall spaces or within timber. The black house ant is attracted to moisture and is predominantly kept at bay using good hygiene practices.

Professional Pest Control Albury qualified technician can assess your problem and decide the best course of action, which ranges from treating with a residual chemical to the proposed area that they are entering or baiting the ants to infect the nest.


Bull Ant (Bulldog Ant) 

Black/ red in appearance and can range in size from 0.5mm-150mm, they have large pincers on their heads and a thick shell.

Bull Ants generally do not affect residential areas but large nests can be found in parks, along footpaths and most commonly in rural bushland. Their large mounds are often very active and the workers spread many meters around the nest in search of food.

Most people associate these large ants with crawling up legs or over hands, their bites are painful itchy and result in swelling. If there is a large ant nest on your property it is best to have it treated by a licensed technician, the ants become very aggressive upon disturbance and will not completely die until their queen has been eradicated. She is generally located many meters beneath the surface of the mound.

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For more information see pest control Albury.

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